Pig Tails                                        $8.49
Thin tenderloin strips rolled in Cajun breading & fried.  Served with White Gravy
Mac N Cheese Bites                   $7.49
Fried Mac N Cheese Nuggets served with Ranch
Pickle Chips                                $7.49
Fried Pickle slices served with Wild N Mild sauce for dipping
Bavarian Pretzels                     $7.49      
3 soft fried pretzels sticks. Comes with beer cheese for dipping
Shrooms                                      $7.49
Deep fried Button Mushrooms served with Yum Yum sauce   
Mozzarella Logs                         $7.49              

Greens N Taters
Pub Salad                                    $6.99
Lettuce, mixed cheese, tomatoes, red onions, & choice of dressing
      Add Breaded or Grilled Chicken  $2.49
Dressings: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian
Taproom Tater                          $6.99
Baked Potato loaded with mixed cheese, butter, sour cream & bacon
       Make it a Chili Cheese Tater       $7.99
Additional toppings .75 each: jalapenos, sour cream, bacon, chili, cheese

Brewhouse Classics

Samson Saloon Dog                 $10.49
¼ lb all beef hotdog rolled in a tortilla with cream cheese & relish, then fried.  Comes with beer cheese for dipping & your choice of Fries or Tots.

BHB Fish Basket                       $10.49
A large portion of hand breaded fried catfish. Comes with hushpuppies, coleslaw & your choice of Fries or Tots.

Chicken Strip Basket             $8.49
Comes with white gravy & Fries or Tots.

All Beef Hotdog                        $6.49
¼ lb all beef hotdog on a bun. Comes with Fries or Tots.
          Make it a Chili Cheese dog for   $7.49

Waterin’ Hole Wings

Traditional Wings        6/$8.99   12/$16.99
Boneless Wings              ½ lb/$7.49   Full lb/$12.49
Choose from our signature sauces:  Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Wild N Mild, Cajun (dry rub), Buffalo, or Buddy Sauce.  Comes with Bleu Cheese or Ranch for dipping.

Additional Ranch or Bleu Cheese .50 each

Back Home Burgers N Sandwiches

Tavern Tenderloin                   $10.99
Hand breaded pork tenderloin sandwich dressed with lettuce, red onion, & mayo.  Comes with Fries or Tots.

Back Home Cheeseburger      $10.49
1/3 lb Cheeseburger dressed with lettuce, pickle, onion, tomato, and American Cheese. Comes with Fries or Tots.
          Make it a Jalapeno Pepper jack Burger for $11.49

Brewhouse BLT                        $10.99
Texas Toast loaded with bacon, lettuce, & tomato.  Comes with mayo & your choice of Fries or Tots.

Buffalo Tenderloin Sliders   $8.99
3 Tenderloin Sliders rolled in buffalo sauce & served on Hawaiian rolls with red onions & pickles.  Ranch for dipping

Chili Cheese Fries or Tots      $6.99
Fries or Tots topped with Chili, Cheese, & jalapenos

BHB Pub Grub